• $5,480
  • $800
  • Sofia Travel
  • Moderate
  • Land Only

Custom-designed for the Texas Exes Flying Longhorns, this one-of-a-kind itinerary offers the perfect Greek experience. Led by the husband and wife team of Sofia Travel, you’ll be the personal guests of Greek-Texan tour guide Adam Sparks and his wife Blake (UT ‘08). Rather than shuffle you through regimented cruise excursions, this boutique tour allows you to soak up the life-giving culture, history, and cuisine that have made Greece a beacon to the world for over 3,000 years. Go off-the-beaten-path as you spend three nights on the picture-perfect, car-free island of Hydra, wander the neo-classical streets of Nafplio with its Venetian and Ottoman roots, marvel at 3,000-year-old golden burial goods and larger-than-life bronze statuary, enjoy hand-selected menus at our favorite local tavernas, and stand in the shadow of the brilliant Parthenon, all while maintaining a relaxed pace. With personal attention and engaging guiding as our hallmark, this is an immersive trip through Greece like no other.

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  • Sail on a private catamaran through off-the-beaten-path Greek islands
  • Stay in a former shipping captain’s mansion on the magical, car-free island of Hydra
  • Admire the golden burial goods of Homeric kings and see Persian arrowheads from Thermopylae
  • Discover the ancient elegance of the Greek Orthodox Church
  • Dine seaside in the picturesque, Venetian-built town of Nafplio
  • Sample ancient wine varietals at a countryside, family-run vineyard
  • Test the acoustics of the world’s best-preserved ancient Greek theater
  • Hear the words of the Apostle Paul in their original context in Athens
  • Embrace the land that has been the soul and inspiration of Western Civilization for over 3,000 years
  • Small group travel is limited to twenty-six participants