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Discover the hidden gems of Italy, France, and Spain on this 12-night cruise aboard Oceania Cruises’ Nautica.

Begin in Valletta, where ancient history and stunning architecture blend seamlessly. In La Goulette, dive into the vibrant local markets brimming with colorful spices and unique handicrafts. As you reach Palermo, indulge in a gastronomic adventure, savoring the flavors of Sicilian cuisine. Explore the ruins of Pompeii in Naples, then immerse yourself in the grandeur of Rome, where iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and Vatican City await. Continue to Florence, Pisa, and the picturesque countryside of Tuscany, where rolling vineyards and Renaissance treasures beckon. In Calvi, bask in the beauty of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Indulge in the glitz and glamor of Cannes, and explore the charming streets of Toulon. Let the vibrant energy of Barcelona captivate you as you explore Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces. Discover the enchanting island of Palma de Mallorca, with its stunning beaches and charming old town. Before finally arriving in Malaga, spend time delving into the rich history of Cartagena.

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September 25: Valletta, Malta

September 26: Tunis (La Goulette), Tunisia

September 27: Palermo, Sicily, Italy

September 28: Naples/Pompeii, Italy

September 29: Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

September 30: Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Tuscany, Italy

October 1: Calvi, Corsica, France

October 2: Cannes, France

October 3: Toulon, France

October 4: Barcelona, Spain

October 5: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

October 6: Cartagena, Spain

October 7: Malaga, Spain