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Made famous by The New York Times best-seller Band of Brothers and the critically acclaimed miniseries that followed, the stories of the Easy Company members were immortalized by the National WWII Museum founder Stephen E. Ambrose. On this unforgettable, 13-day travel experience, you will follow in the footsteps of Easy Company, from England to the hedgerows of Normandy, along “Hell’s Highway” in the Netherlands, through the foxholes surrounding Bastogne, and atop the Eagle’s Nest. Led by expert battlefield guides, and accompanied by original cast members from the miniseries, this tour immerses you in the incredible lives of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne.


Day 1: London Arrivals / Aldbourne, England
After individual arrivals into London-Heathrow (LHR), proceed west of London to
the training areas of Easy Company. After lunch in Aldbourne, enjoy a walking tour
with local villagers and members of the Aldbourne Historical Society, who recount
what it was like to welcome Easy Company and other American troops more
than 75 years ago. This evening, get to know your fellow travelers at a Welcome
Reception and Dinner at the hotel.
Accommodations: Donnington Valley Hotel & Spa (L, R, D)

Day 2: Portsmouth / Cross the English Channel
After breakfast at the hotel, head south to Portsmouth. Serving as the launching
point for Operation Overlord, Portsmouth is overflowing with history. The visit
starts with Fort Nelson. This fully restored Victorian Fortress served as an
ammunition depot supplying the batteries that defended the southern coast of
Britain. The complex covers 18 acres of tunnels, fortifications, and artillery from
various eras. For lunch, enjoy classic English pub fare at the Golden Lion in the
picturesque village of Southwick, renowned for the planning of the D-Day landings
and the historic location where Eisenhower and Montgomery met. This afternoon,
cross the English Channel by ferry with dinner on board, landing in Normandy
late in the evening.
Accommodations: Le Lion d’Or (B, L, D)

Day 3: Utah Beach / US Airborne
After breakfast, depart for the Utah Beach area to tour the landing beach and
visit the Utah Beach Museum. View the original B-26 bomber in the museum’s
hangar and listen to the oral history of Dick Winters on the second floor of this
magnificent museum. Next, take an exclusive tour of Brécourt Manor, made famous
by Easy Company’s action here on June 6, 1944. In the small town of SainteMère-Église, enjoy lunch independently then visit the Airborne Museum and
the church made famous by the film The Longest Day. En route to the hotel, the
coach makes a photo stop at Marmion Farm, the makeshift rendezvous point for
paratroopers during the D-Day invasion. Enjoy dinner with the group this evening.
Accommodations: Le Lion d’Or (B, D)

Day 4: La Fière / Easy Company in Normandy
Today, travel along rural lanes, past hedgerows, and over causeways to La Fière
bridge, where elements of the 82nd Airborne fought off four days of attacks from
German troops trying to retake this strategic bridge. Next, travel to Beuzeville de Plain to view the monument to Lt. Thomas Meehan’s downed C-47, and hear his
story. After an included lunch, learn the story of Easy Company at the important
town of Carentan, which linked the Utah and Omaha Beach forces. End the
day’s tour at the Dead Man’s Corner Museum and with a visit to the church at
Angoville au Plain. This evening enjoy free time to enjoy one of Bayeux’s many
quaint cafés.
Accommodations: Le Lion d’Or (B, L)

Day 5: Pointe du Hoc / Omaha Beach / Normandy American
On the final day in Normandy, touring is devoted to the ground troops who came
ashore in the Omaha Beach area. First, visit Pointe du Hoc, where Army Rangers
faced tough odds coming ashore and scaling the imposing 100-foot cliff.
Next, visit Dog Green Sector of Omaha Beach. A Company, 1st Battalion, 116th
Infantry of the 29th “Blue and Gray” Division landed at “H- Hour” on D-Day. A
250-meter stretch of beach untouched by preliminary bombardments lay in front
of them, and they could clearly see German bunkers in the distance. Within 15
minutes, A Company was reduced from an assault company to a small rescue
party. These events inspired the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan. After an
included lunch overlooking Omaha Beach, spend the afternoon at the Normandy
American Cemetery, where more than 9,000 Americans are laid to rest in the
ground they helped liberate. Guests will be given time to walk the grounds, visit
the small museum, and remember the sacrifices made here. Reflect on the day’s
touring during dinner with the group this evening.
Accommodations: Le Lion d’Or (B, L, D)

Day 6: Normandy to the Netherlands
Bid farewell to Normandy and head to The Netherlands. Along the way, view
episodes from the Band of Brothers miniseries. Stop in picturesque Amiens, France,
a city along the Somme River. Enjoy lunch and independent exploration, with time
to visit the Amiens Cathedrals, the tallest complete cathedral in France, and
a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Relax on the coach this afternoon. An included
dinner at the hotel greets you upon arrival in Eindhoven.
Accommodations: Hotel Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne (B, D)

Day 7: Eindhoven / Arnhem / Nijmegen
In September 1944, the Allies launched Operation Market Garden, a daring airborne
operation meant to secure crucial Rhine River crossings and advance into northern
Germany. Although it ultimately failed to achieve its objectives, the determination
and courage shown by the airborne troops and the units that assisted them made Market Garden one of World War II’s most famous battles. During today’s tour,
visit the actual battle sites where Easy Company fought and learn how the 101st
Airborne fit into Operation Market Garden at Nuenen, Zon Bridge, and Logtenburg.
After lunch, visit Schoonderlogt Farm to see where Dick Winters led the attack at
“The Crossroads,” the subject of Episode 5 of Band of Brothers. Near Arnhem,
members of the company helped rescue more than 100 British airborne troops
who were stuck behind enemy lines across the Rhine during Operation Pegasus
in October 1944. The touring day ends in Nijmegen and “A Bridge Too Far” before
returning to Eindhoven where guests enjoy an evening at leisure.
Accommodations: Hotel Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne (B, L)

Day 8: Netherlands American Cemetery / Journey to the Ardennes
This morning, guests may choose to take a guided walking tour of Eindhoven,
explore the area independently, or relax at the hotel. The optional morning tour
includes details on the actions that occurred around Eindhoven, with visits to the
Joe Mann Memorial and the Robert Cole Memorial. After lunch at leisure, visit the
Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten – the only American military cemetery
in The Netherlands. A unique aspect of this cemetery is its connection with the Dutch
people. Since 1945 members of the local community have adopted the gravesites of
the American fallen. They bring flowers to the cemetery and research the life of the
service member they adopt as a way to honor their sacrifice. After paying respects to
members of Easy Company who are buried there, continue to the medieval market
town of Clervaux, Luxembourg, in the heart of the Ardennes. Along the way, the tour
guide presents an overview of the Battle of the Bulge – Hitler’s last-ditch effort to
defeat the Allies in the west, and the largest land battle fought by the US Army
in World War II.
Accommodations: Hotel Koener (B, D)

Day 9: Battle of the Bulge / Bastogne / Bois Jacques
This day is dedicated to the heroic defense of the besieged crossroads town of
Bastogne as depicted in Band of Brothers Episode 6: “Bastogne.” Today’s visits
also include the Mardasson Memorial, a monument honoring the memory of the
American soldiers wounded or killed during the Battle of the Bulge. Next, a visit to
the Bastogne War Museum provides insight into the experiences of the troops during
the harsh, cold winter of 1944 – 45. In the Bois Jacques Forest, guests may choose
to climb in the foxholes that provided some shelter to Easy Company. Free time in
Bastogne is also provided during the day for lunch – and perhaps some shopping
for Belgian chocolates. The evening is at leisure.
Accommodations: Hotel Koener (B)

Day 10: Luxembourg American Cemetery / Haguenau
Before departing the Ardennes, the final stop is at the Luxembourg American
Cemetery and Memorial, where guests visit the graves of Easy Company members
and of Gen. George S. Patton. Continue to Haguenau for lunch and then walk the
“Last Patrol” of Easy Company, where they held fast against Operation Nordwind,
the last major German offensive of the war in the west, for more than a month. Visit
the MM Park (Musee Militaire), a new museum with an impressive collection of tanks
and other large artifacts of the era. Arrive in Stuttgart this evening and enjoy dinner
and exploration on your own.
Accommodations: Maritim Stuttgart (B, L)

Day 11: Dachau / Zell Am See
Located ten miles northwest of Munich, the Dachau Concentration Camp was
established in 1933 to hold political prisoners. Throughout the rest of the 1930s,
the camp grew to hold Jews, Roma, Slavs, and more groups deemed unworthy by
the Nazis. In 1943, as war raged across the continent, the Nazis constructed more
than 150 subsidiary camps near Dachau where prisoners were often worked to
death. The terrible conditions in Dachau and throughout the subsidiary camps led
to a widespread typhus epidemic by the end of 1944, as the Allied armies were
preparing to enter Germany. When the first American troops approached the camp
in April 1945, the sight of the prisoners and the living conditions tested even the
most battle-hardened soldiers. Episode 9 of the miniseries portrays Easy Company
discovering one of Dachau’s subsidiary camps at Landsberg. After discussing why
World War II was fought, the group heads to the Bavarian Alps, as Easy Company
did, for the final chapter of the journey.
Accommodations: Grand Hotel Zell Am See (B, D)

Day 12: Berchtesgaden
On the final day of touring, guests take in the spectacular views from Hitler’s
Eagle’s Nest, captured by Allied forces in May 1945. A gift to Adolf Hitler for his
50th birthday in 1939, Eagle’s Nest was funded by Hitler’s inner circle. Legend
says that Mussolini gifted the fireplace to the project. Although a fortune was
spent to build the perch, Hitler only made 14 official visits. Return to Zell Am See
and reflect on the journey during a farewell dinner at the hotel, overlooking the
lake featured in the final scenes of Band of Brothers.
Accommodations: Grand Hotel Zell Am See (B, L, D)

Day 13: Zell Am See / Munich
Early this morning the entire group transfers together to the Munich Airport (MUC)
for individual flights home.* (B)

*Please note that flights should be scheduled to depart no earlier than 12:00 noon. Weather and/or local government and venue conditions may change the final schedule. Each evening you will receive a detailed schedule for the following day, including the timing of meals and tours. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Travel Team.