• $850
  • Orbridge
  • Moderate
  • Land Only

Join us for a historical and cultural immersion into Egypt’s ancient treasures and timeless wonders. From iconic landmarks to architectural marvels that have captivated the world for millennia, this land of pharaohs and pyramids is undeniably a crucial part of human history. Among the countless highlights—you’ll embark upon a private dahabiya sailing the tranquil Nile River, gaining rare access to ruins and temples during less occupied times. On land, stay at five-star hotels, each a sanctuary of comfort and luxury. This unhurried journey reveals Egypt’s monumental historical events, staggering technological achievements, and compelling human stories.

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Day-by-Day Itinerary

Day 1: En Route from U.S.
Day 2: Arrive in Cairo, Egypt
Day 3: Cairo | Giza
Day 4: Cairo
Day 5: Cairo | Flight to Luxor
Day 6: Luxor | Esna – Embarkation | Nile River
Day 7: Edfu | Nile
Day 8: Edfu | Nile | Kom Ombo
Day 9: Kom Ombo | Nile
Day 10: Nile – Disembarkation | Aswan
Day 11: Aswan
Day 12: Aswan | Optional Abu Simbel Excursion | Flight to Cairo
Day 13: Cairo | Depart for U.S.