• $135,950
  • $20,000
  • TCS World Travel
  • Moderate
  • Private Jet

This flagship journey offers a life list of iconic destinations in a single itinerary. Fly by custom-configured private jet to explore eleven of the world’s most legendary places and natural wonders.

Miami, Florida – Cusco and Machu Picchu, Peru – Easter Island, Chile – Nadi, Fiji – Great Barrier Reef, Australia – Angkor Wat, Cambodia – Taj Mahal and Jaipur, India – Serengeti Plain, Tanzania – Luxor and Cairo, Egypt – Marrakech, Morocco – Miami, Florida

View full trip details here: https://gobyprivatejet.com/texas-exes/around-world-luxury-tour-private-jet-february-2024

The price of this all-inclusive expedition covers everything from travel by private jet, hotels, ground transportation and meals, down to all daily activities, top-of-the-line guides, beverages and every single tip.

Texas Exes is partnering with TCS World Travel, the leading innovator in private jet expeditions, because they deliver immersive, meaningful experiences—with exceptional quality and service—in unique destinations around the world. Their all-inclusive curated journeys and custom itineraries link cultures, historic sites and natural wonders rarely experienced together. Come and experience these legendary destinations with the Texas Exes Flying Longhorns travel program.

Contact us for applicable terms and conditions of the owner-participant contract. Tour operated by TCS World Travel and uses aircraft operated by Titan Airways Limited.