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Join us on this 14-day journey to the cradle of civilization. Visit three continents, navigate the Red, Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, transit the Suez Canal and experience up to nine UNESCO World Heritage sites. Tour historical Alexandria. Stand in the shadows of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Overnight in Luxor and visit Queen Nefertari’s tomb. Travel to Wadi Rum and tour the “rose red city” of Petra. Enjoy one night in Aqaba and three nights in Amman to visit Jerash. Cruise for seven nights aboard the Five-Star, small ship Le Bougainville. Two-night Classical Greece Pre Program and six-night The Holy Land Post Program Options.

Day 1 Depart the U.S. or Canada
Day 2 Athens, Greece/Embark the ship—Arrive in Athens and
embark the ship.
Day 3 Heraklion, Crete—travel to one of the most legendary sites
of all antiquity, the Minoan Palace at Knossos where, in
Greek myth, Theseus slew the Minotaur in the Labyrinth
built by Daedalus. Dating from the 17th century B.C., the
palace is a maze of chambers, staircases, and courtyards.
Continue to Heraklion to visit the Archaeological Museum.
This evening, attend the Captain’s Welcome Reception.
Day 4 Cruising the Mediterranean Sea—Enjoy stunning views
as you spend a day cruising the Mediterranean Sea.
Day 5 Alexandria—Discover Egypt’s most enchanting city—
founded by Alexander the Great in the fourth century
B.C. Visit the National Museum and the Roman
Amphitheater.* This afternoon, enjoy a lecture on board
the ship with renowned Egyptologist Dr. Tarek Sayed
Tawfik Ahmed.
Day 6 Transit the Suez Canal—Experience one of the most
momentous voyages between continents transiting the
120-mile Suez Canal—Egypt’s Victorian-era engineering
marvel. Enjoy a lecture on board the ship with renowned
Egyptologist Dr. Tarek Sayed Tawfik Ahmed.
Day 7 Ain Sokhna for Giza Plateau—See the last remaining
Wonder of the Ancient World, the Great Sphinx and the
pyramids of the Old Kingdom pharaohs. Next, visit the
marvelous Grand Egyptian Museum, where you’ll see
the spectacular Grand Staircase, King Tut’s amazing
treasures and the well-preserved 4,600-year-old
Sun Boat of King Khufu.
Day 8 Hurghada/Luxor—Arrive in Luxor and check into a Nile view
room for an overnight at the Steigenberger Hotel.
Explore UNESCO-designated ancient Thebes with a visit
to the magnificent Karnak Temple complex. Walk along the
avenue of the ram-headed sphinxes into the Great Court
and then continue to the Luxor Temple.
Day 9 Luxor/Safaga—Cross the Nile to visit one of the world’s
most important archaeological sites, the Necropolis
at Luxor in the Valley of the Kings. Explore the tomb of
Tutankhamen and enjoy an exclusively arranged visit to
Queen Nefertari’s tomb in the Valley of the Queens. Return
to the ship and attend the Captain’s Farewell Reception
this evening.
Day 10 Aquba/Disembark ship/Wadi Rum/Petra—Traverse
the awe-inspiring wilderness of UNESCO World Heritage designated
Wadi Rum, known as the “Valley of the
Moon.” Enjoy a Jeep ride through this ethereal landscape
of striated canyons, soaring mountains, undulating sand
dunes, and rocky caverns. Tonight, check into the five-star
Movenpick Hotel.
Day 11 Petra/Amman—The ancient “rose-red city” of Petra is a
UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the New Seven
Wonders of the World. The site’s majestic ensemble of
temples, dwellings, and tombs—carved directly into the
sandstone cliff face—still holds a mythical appeal. Tonight,
check into the five-star Fairmont Hotel Amman.
Day 12 Amman—Enjoy a tour of Amman, starting with the blue-domed
King Abdullah Mosque. Visit the Amman Citadel
and see the ruins of Hercules temple. Explore the Roman
Amphitheater and then continue to the Jordan Museum.
Day 13 Amman/Jerash/Amman—Enjoy a scenic journey to
Jerash, Jordan’s most captivating Greco-Roman site. See
baths; theaters; plazas; fountains and arches, incredibly
still as they were 2,000 years ago. Marvel at the three gated
Hadrian’s Arch, walk the Sacred Way to the Temple
of Artemis, and take in the sublime architecture of the
Forum. Enjoy lunch in Jerash before heading back to
Amman where you’ll have an evening at leisure.
Day 14 Amman/Return to the U.S. or Canada