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Take in the history and beauty of the Baltic and Scandinavian coastal cities aboard Oceania Cruises’ Marina. Begin your trip in Stockholm, a striking city built upon fourteen islands. From there, sail to Helsinki and stroll through its spacious green parks and open-air markets. Spend three days in St. Petersburg, Russia’s window to the West. Take in its pastel palaces and network of canals and arched bridges or visit the Hermitage to see Egyptian mummies. In Tallinn, dine at a world-class restaurant, and in Riga, the “Paris of the East,” walk the medieval streets. Discover the history of Klaipėda’s Old Town, where a single surviving tower of a red brick castle remains. Experience the rich heritage and modernist architecture of Gdynia, and in Rønne, see the charming timber-framed homes, or venture outside the city limits to take in the natural beauty of Bornholm’s ivory-white beaches. Your voyage will conclude in Copenhagen, but before that, travel to Warnemünde to nosh on local seafood or take a short drive to see the Berlin Wall or Brandenburg Gate.


Experience the heritage of Stockholm, visit the open-air markets of Helsinki, and spend three days in St. Petersburg. Walk the medieval streets of Riga, and discover the history of Klaipėda. See the modernist architecture of Gdynia, witness the natural beauty of Bornholm, and nosh on local seafood in Warnemünde.

*Date, price, and itinerary are subject to change.

  • June 15: Depart for Sweden
  • June 16: Stockholm, Sweden
  • June 17: Helsinki, Finland
  • June 18: Petersburg, Russia
  • June 19: Petersburg, Russia
  • June 20: Tallinn, Estonia
  • June 21: Riga, Latvia
  • June 22: Klaipėda, Lithuania
  • June 23: Gdansk (Gydnia), Poland
  • June 24: Rønne (Bornholm), Denmark
  • June 25: Berlin (Warnemünde), Germany
  • June 26: Copenhagen, Denmark