• $135,950
  • $21,000
  • TCS World Travel
  • Moderate
  • Private Jet
London, England • Luxor and the Pyramids, Egypt • Jerusalem, Israel • Samarkand, Uzbekistan • Bangkok, Thailand • Hoi An, Vietnam • Jaipur, India • Kathmandu, Nepal • Paro, Bhutan • Muscat, Oman • London, England

Explore ancient civilizations and enduring cultures on a journey to some of the world’s most historic and treasured locales aboard our brand-new private jet.


Guests have several ways to experience this expedition: Join us for the entire itinerary, opt for the first half only (London to Bangkok), or choose to join us halfway through (Bangkok to London).

For full trip details including a day-by-day itinerary, please click here: https://gobyprivatejet.com/texas-exes/ancient-crossroads-of-asia-and-middle-east