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Undiscovered by Europeans until the 16th century, the Galapagos Islands hold a central position in modern scientific and evolutionary history. From your accommodations on the Isabela II, you can explore these fascinating islands and observe the iconic species that have become exquisitely adapted to the surrounding environment. Because the human presence is still relatively minimal, much of the wildlife is remarkably unafraid of visitors. Travel to the mist-shrouded mountain citadel of the Incas on this deluxe program to Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Sacred Valley. Ride the train through the Urubamba valley, visit a traditional Andean rural community and a modern artists? colony, marvel at the massive stone stairs at Ollantaytambo, enjoy the congeniality of a Peruvian family meal in their home outside of Cusco.

*These programs can be taken separately or combined into one program as the dates run back to back.



Day 1

En route / arrive Quito, Ecuador

Day 2


Day 3

Quito / Flight to Baltra / Santa Cruz

Day 4


Day 5


Day 6

San Cristóbal

Day 7

San Cristóbal / Flight to Guayaquil, Ecuador

Day 8

Guayaquil / Depart for U.S.

Optional Extension
Day 8

Guayaquil / En route to Lima, Peru Day 9: Lima / Cusco / Sacred Valley

Day 10

Sacred Valley / Machu Picchu

Day 11

Machu Picchu / Sacred Valley /Cusco

Day 12

Cusco / Saqsayhuaman / San Blas /Villa Tipón

Day 13

Cusco / Lima / Depart for U.S.